Read over the “How to Study and Discuss Cases” in the course pack for guidance.  Turn to your new group to brainstorm together.

Use your own words to reflect on the strategic decisions raised in the case and explain your recommendations.  Cite sources and supporting case details as needed (e.g. quotes from online) but respond with brief executive summary statements.  Concisely show your points of view about the decision, implementation, and your recommendation in this case.  Challenge yourself when you use more than 10 sentences – imagine you are writing a note to your manager that has only 15 seconds to read and respond to you. 

Discussion Questions:

How would you evaluate Paul Polman’s 2010 decision to implement a new strategy based on the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan? What benefits did it offer? What risks did it entail?

How effective has the implementation of the new strategy been to date? What has it done most effectively? What concerns do you have with the implementation?

What actions should the company take now? Which of the three options identified at the end of the case would you recommend the company take?

How would you go about implementing your recommendation?