As the manager of an American company, you have to negotiate a business deal with the representatives of a potential distributor in your chosen country. Inter-cultural skills are critical for a successful international experience so you consider collecting information regarding the local culture before your departure.

Select 2 dimensions you detailed in Hofstede’s framework, where your selected country differs the most from the USA (or the country of your nationality). Provide country-specific examples to support your answer. You will need to check the comparison chart on before answering this question.

Compare the cultures of those countries, and then indicate how cultural differences influence:

1.  the actual or hidden costs of doing business in each country

2.  the likely future economic development of that country

3.  identify two cultural differences between these two countries and for each cultural difference develop a recommendation on how a manager can prevent the cultural difference from negatively impacting a business deal between these two countries

Answers should be written in essay format, define all relevant terminology, include relevant citations using the APA format for the text and reference page, and use subtitles for each section.


Check a Country Comparison based on Hofstede’s dimensions.

Visit the Global Warrior database if available via your library databases.

Visit the CIA World Factbook for more information on these two countries.