This essay asks that you consider the inner (and outer) workings of the world around you in terms of your consumption[1], and your living habits.

We manipulate the planet and all of its creatures. We create, we consume, we build, and we destroy, but how often do we consider the processes and people that provide unceasingly for our unquenchable appetites? How often do we consider the consequences?

During this project we might ask ourselves: where does our “stuff” come from, and at what cost? How have our goods been processed, conceived, constructed, and then shipped and stored? How do we treat the world around us? The plants, the animals, the people, the water and rocks? How conscious are we of the world we are taking from every single day? Where do we fit in? What do we have to say?   

You will need to choose a topic related to the main theme of this essay block by considering your relationship with consumption and the consequences of your living habits, on yourself, other individuals, societies, and the planet that we share. You will then share your story backed up by external evidence/resources in order to convince your reader that your experience is one worth considering