Article critique

1. Not only the negative points. It is a review of the article.

The role of critique

To form an idea about a study or a paper.

How to write a good critique?

Elements to include;

1. Quick summary of the paper.

2. Comment on the title, Literature review , method, and results.

3. The title should be the same as the article. After that, we write a subtitle (a critical review/article critique). 

4.Cite the article using 

5. Introduction talk about the purpose of the critique or introduce the topic of the article in two sentences.

6. In The first paragraph, identify the paper. E.g This paper is a critical review to address the aims/ explore the strengths and weaknesses. This paper is a critical appraisal of John’s study. It aims to highlight the strengths and limitations of the article.

7. After the introduction we start with the critique. We shouldn’t section the critique or put titles. (first body paragraph we give a summary of the paper title, LR, M, R) we evaluate each part. A. Do we think the title is engaging? Representative of what is included?

B. Is the abstract comprehensive? Guiding?

All in 1 paragraph

C. The Literature review (do they include key studies? Are the studies significant or not? Has the writer included recent studies? Is it written intensively) 

D. The research questions. (are they clear, and align with the title and purpose of the study)

E. Hypothesis. What are they? Are they clearly stated? Does he have one or not? Maybe they used only questions.

F. The statement of the problem. Is it clear? Does he form it in a form of a problem or not? Does it align with the topic and title

G. The method. What type? Did he state it clearly? Are they using instruments? The validity? Reliability? Bias in participants or results?

H. Results. Does it answer the research questions?

I. The significance of the paper. Why is it significant? It comes from the way they introduce the research.

J. Conclusion. Summarize all the previous points mentioned.

Check the style.