Written Analytic Essay (~5 pages) in response to these readings and prompt: 

Review at least two of the following reports on ‘standards’ and statements of required skills needed for lifelong learners in the 21st century. They each acknowledge the ubiquitousness of emerging technologies in our daily lives. 

In addition to reading at least two of these reports, locate at least one additional source that weighs in on this issue. Incorporate what you learn from these sources into an analytic essay (~5 pages APA formatted) in which you respond to this prompt: 

Where do we find overlaps or divergences in forecasts for the kinds of knowledge and skills needed in the 21st century? What are the most compelling recommendations and what seems to be missing from the current literature? 

Initial Sources:  

Partnership for 21st Century Skills  

National Education Technology Plan

ISTE Standards for Students and Educators

National School Libraries Standards