Continuing with the topic you chose in Module 2: Week 2, begin writing the section of the
Policy Analysis Project Template labeled Evidence or Pre-Existing Policies (depending on
your chosen topic). Your writing style and formatting will follow the Preface example found in
the Weimer and Vining textbook and Appendix A in Bardach and Patashnik.  
Following the Eightfold Path guide, Policy Analysis Project: Part 2 – Assemble Some
Evidence Grading Rubric, and the Policy Analysis Project Template, submit a well-written
quantitative statement of at least 500 words providing evidence that your problem is indeed an
issue worthy to be studied. Because accumulating evidence can be overwhelming, you are
required to provide a minimum of 3 pieces of evidence with a thorough explanation (i.e., IPEDS,
journal article data, newspaper). At least 2 authoritative sources are required to support your
claims and conclusions. Follow current APA formatting requirements for all in-text citations and
the Sources section of the report.